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You are an online-business owner who is struggling to integrate and maintain all of the components of your online-marketing system. Your CRM, Landing Pages, Order Forms, Sales Process, Webinars, and Websites need attention and you have a thousand other things on your plate as well. You need accessible, reliable, and experienced support when you need to fix a problem in your funnel, setup a new Lead Magnet, or start a new Webinar. You need someone that can jump right in to your business and hit the ground running.

That is where we come in. Our passion is helping online-businesses succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of online-marketing.

Our Services

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As an all in one Sales and Marketing Platform, Infusionsoft TM helps harness the power of automation to organize contacts, turn leads into customers and transform customers into raving fans like no other software on the market.

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Parsey can do Everything! Connect all your different apps to Infusionsoft by emailing to a specific inbox and then letting Parsey work its magic. You can trigger your campaigns pass in order data and so much more.

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ClickFunnels is a great way to easily create your sales funnels. No coding required. They have hundreds of templates to use. Integrate with Stripe, Infusionsoft, and lots of other service providers like GoToWebinar. easy to use User Interface with lots of customizable options. Click the link above to get a free two week trial.

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Plus This, created by the sixth division team is a feature rich Infusionsoft integrated platform. The features consist of a GTW integration, Video tracking, Split testing, and custom calculation features. Click the link above to start your free trial.

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Appointment Core is a fully integrated scheduling software with a full integration into Infusionsoft. This ability allows you to automate event reminders as well as automate followup after the event date has passed depending on the status of the event and its attendees.

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DilogR is an interactive multimedia platform that empowers publishers, trainers, brands, and bloggers to engage, know and recommend what prospects and customers want right now by adding rich media links to images, photos slides, and infographics. Use DilogR to create interactive aerial photography, maps, posters, infographics, slides, and shoppable product catalogs in minutes!

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If you sell products, services or entry to events, using Infusionsoft's order forms, and you are not leading the new buyer to an immediate up sell, YOU ARE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!!!

Call Loop

An integrated text messaging and voice broadcast software that can provide automated text messages to your Infusionsoft contacts. They also include a text to opt in feature which can add contacts directly to your Infusionsoft campaigns so you can followup via email.

Lead Pages

Leadpages is the non techie's greatest tool for creating high converting landing pages on the fly. Its easy to drag and drop forms into place and even comes with a plugin version so you can host the pages on your site vs leadpages.net

Easy Webinar

This plugin will automate webinar signups and integrates with Infusionsoft through the application of trigger tags to kickoff automated followup for attendees, no shows, and customers that have bought directly after the webinar.

Easy Webinar

CustomerHub is simple-to-use cloud-based software that lets you quickly and easily build a password-protected membership site where you can upload and share valuable multimedia content with thousands of subscribers at once.


iMember360 is a Wordpress plugin that is easy to install and configure. It fully integrates with Infusionsoft TM via the API. Use it to totally automate your website, protect your content, add orderforms surveys and more. Comes with an easy to follow Step by Step installation guide. Call Insightful Automation for Best Pricing.


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Kari Samuels

I would give 1000 stars if I could! I am SO HAPPY with the quality of the work, the communication every step of the way, and the attention to detail. This was my first product launch with Infusionsoft and there were so many variables that were very confusing to me, yet easy for the Insightful Automation magicians! Every nuance and detail was handled with precision and perfection. I could really tell I was valued as a client and that meant the world to me. I also appreciate that I was educated about how to use my Infusionsoft even after the work was performed. I would recommend without hesitation and would definitely hire again!

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Paul Mascetta

These guys rock! They definitely know their stuff when it comes to Infusionsoft. They set up a super-intricate campaign for me, implemented everything as I asked, made some good recommendations about areas I was unsure of, kept in touch with me through the entire process and met and exceeded my expectations. I will be using Insightful Automation again and again.

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Mellisa Ambrosini

Holy moly! Erik from Insightful Automation has been incredible for MelissaAmbrosini.com. Seriously, over the years my team and I have worked with a lot of 'experts' but so often things just never go quite as smooth as you hope. We called in Erik literally days before a six-figure launch and he found all those little things which can cause you headaches down the track. Erik also set up our the back end for our Infusionsoft and iMember360 based membership platform and created a smooth running machine which my tribe absolutely loves. Erik is a superstar. No doubt about it.

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Kate Erickson

Insightful Automation has provided us with top notch support for our Infusionsoft and Customerhub applications from day 1. Even when we didn't think something was possible, they made it happen. What I love most about their support is that we don't have to ask them for solutions, most oftentimes they just suggest them. The guys over at Insightful Automation have literally become a part of our team here at EntrepreneurOnFire - that's how much we love them!

Danielle Greason

Danielle Greason

Erik's knowledge of the inner workings of Infusionsoft never ceases to amaze me. What I love about working with him is that his depth of knowledge means he can set up campaigns, suggest better solutions, and trouble shoot with ease. Any question I have, he has the answer! When it comes to Infusionsoft, understanding the theory is one thing, but having the practical experience to really back that up is what makes all the difference. I always feel confident with the work we set up for clients knowing that we can leverage Erik's experience to make sure we're doing things in the most efficient and useful way possible. He keeps everything Infusionsoft related in my business running smoothly, without a glitch!

Anthony Tran

Anthony Tran

Erik and Jason are my "Go-to-Guys" for Infusionsoft support. Before connecting with them I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the Infusionsoft system. Insightful Automation has helped me with setting up the back-end campaigns, order forms, promo codes, webinar funnels, affiliate resource center etc. They were also able to help me integrate all of these functions to work seamlessly with my Customerhub membership site. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who is looking to use Infusionsoft for their business


Meet Your Automators

Erik Stefansson Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Erik Stefansson

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Erik is a Infusionsoft Certified Partner who specializes in maximizing resources and accomplishing projects within a given scope. Erik manages implementation strategy and serves as project manager for Insightful Automation.

Jason Ziegler customer-acquisition-badge

Jason Ziegler


Jason is an experienced Infusionsoft user specializing in designing funnels and coordinating complex integrations. Jason manages implementation strategy and serves as project coordinator for Insightful Automation.

Shelly Kumar

Shelly Kumar

Web Development and API Solutions

Shelly is a master web developer specializing in Infusionsoft API apps and plugins. Shelly manages the frontend code development and backend server administration for Insightful Automation.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez

Implementation Specialist

Daniel is an Infusionsoft Implementation Specialist who provides Infusionsoft project assistance and implements projects inside of Infusionsoft by building campaigns.

Mike Ziegler customer-acquisition-badge

Mike Ziegler

Implementation Specialist

Mike is an Infusionsoft Implementation Specialist who specializes in routine Infusionsoft application maintenance. His 30+ years of experience in business and sales give him accute attention to detail which is a valuable asset when dealing with secure information.

About Insightful Automation

Insightful Automation can handle anything Infusionsoft™ related. The Automators, Erik and Jason, specialize in making sure that not only your Infusionsoft™ Solution works flawlessly, but that you understand the process. This will enable you to stay in control of your funnel and your Infusionsoft™ application.

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