If you have worked with Customerhub or you house your membership within Customerhub you may find customizing the layout/design somewhat difficult to do.

One thing that is definitely difficult to do is instead of using a square logo (You are limited to a 400×400 image that will appear in the top left corner above the navigation)

ImageSizeRestrictionsCH With a small line of Jquery you can make your logo become a full width banner across the entire site.

Add the code below to your Javascript tab under Admin > Customize Theme

jQuery("#banner a").html('<img src="http://UrlofYourimage.com" style="width:100%;" />');

If you have other customization requirements to customerhub you need addressed drop us a line at askus (at) insightfulautomation.com or leave a comment below!

*Disclaimer: This is tested and working with the Pavillion theme within Customerhub. Each theme could behave a bit differently so be aware of the the ID that you are targeting (#banner)*

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