Are you having a hard time finding what you need in the Campaign Builder list?

There are a few reasons why this might be the case:

  1. Things aren’t named very well.
  2. Campaigns get created but never removed.
  3. Campaigns aren’t Categorized.

One of the reasons why it is hard to name campaigns accurately is that we often try to put too much into a campaign.  You know this is you If your campaign looks like a Cross Country road trip map, or worse, Shelob’s Lair (See Gif below):



Often people will name their campaign something like Product Launch Or Sales Funnel or something to that effect. The only problem is that later you launch the product again, and then you get Winter Product Launch, or you get Clickfunnels Product Launch, then you might launch again with new marketing agency and get Marketing XYZ Product Launch. This becomes a problem when you start looking for a particular email or where a tag gets applied. The other problem is that you might have 4-5 tags doing the same thing each in a different campaign and each called something completely different!

In this case you might benefit from atomizing the campaign into components like, marketing, sales, fulfillment, etc.  This will make naming your campaigns much easier!

From all of the naming conventions I have seen out there, I like the SixthDivision method the best. Each campaign does 1 thing and you name it based on the start and finish. You get “Cleanup Challenge Optin to Delivery” “Product Promo to Product Purchase” “Product Purchase to Fulfilment” This keeps things clean and it is easy to find what you are looking for.

The next thing is that campaigns are created and never removed. This is actually a super easy issue to fix. First thing to do is to go after the low hanging fruit. Check out your list and look for anything that doesn’t have a date in the last time published column. These should be the first to go. The next thing to do is start at the bottom (the oldest) and look for 0’s in the active contacts campaigns. This is an indicator that nothing is moving and it might be time to meet the digital garbage can, but not always. So next we jump into the campaign and look at it’s reporting tab. Check for last 30 day activity. If this is still 0 then again, it might be time to retire. Exceptions. You have seasonal campaigns or campaigns that you reuse once  or twice a year. Obviously these aren’t going to have 30 day history and shouldn’t be removed.

What we are really talking about are those campaigns where you had a great idea but it just never panned out. When looking at these think about what you were trying to accomplish, and ask yourself if it is worth getting back to and completing or if you have more important things to do.

Once you have a list that is easy to understand  and free of seldom or never used campaigns, time to categorize. Infusionsoft Categories are like tags for campaigns. They aren’t like tag categories. In other words you can have a campaign in more than one category at the same time. So I like to categorize by function (marketing, sales, fulfillment) and also by product this way I can see all my marketing campaigns at once or all of the campaigns that deal with selling or promoting a particular product or service.

By now you should have looked over your list of campaigns and identified examples of the 3 problems we discussed above. Poor naming habits, old unused campaigns, and uncategorized campaigns.

Get in there and get your hands dirty. Let us know if you need anything at

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