If you have worked with Customerhub or you house your membership within Customerhub you may find customizing the layout/design somewhat difficult to do.

This post should help you actually hide the sidebar completely from view. In our testing even if the sidebar was blank it still took up an area on the page.

You can see this here.

Even though the content area has a class of “no-sidebar” There isnt anything in the stylesheet by default that hides this content area. It still takes up space so even if you don’t have any content in the sidebar like the image below you will still be unable to make your content stretch the full width of the page.

To fix this and actually hide the sidebar we need to add some code to our css file.
We see that when we have no content in our sidebar the content area gains the class of “no-sidebar” If there is anything (even a space) in the sidebar area then the content area has no extra class added to it.

<!-- Make Page Full Width When Sidebar is Empty !-->
#content.no-sidebar {

The code above actually sets the content area to the full width of the page making your content stretch across rather than only being able to use 60 percent of the page width.

You will add the code at the end of your stylesheet

*Disclaimer: This method has been tested in the DropDown Theme. Each Theme could be a little bit different in how it operates but should work across all CustomerHub Accounts

If you have other customization requirements to customerhub you need addressed drop us a line at askus (at) insightfulautomation.com or leave a comment below!

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