If you use Infusionsoft and sell subscriptions and allow payment plans you may find it necessary to allow your customer’s to update their billing information.

Now, billing automation triggers can definitely assist with this. You can set them up to send on failed or successful payment, when a credit card declines, etc. However the ~credit.card.update.html~ merge field only works when the system sends out the email.

We recently needed a way to not charge the client anything but allow users to set up a way to securely update their card information. The code shown below is to be pasted into the HTML AREA 1 of the order form under Eccomerce Setup > Order Forms.

You would create a new product called CC Update and set the price to 0.00. The code below will hide the product information and also changes the button text to say update card so that it is clear to the customer they aren’t paying for anything.

What is great about setting up a new product is that now you can run automation when a CC is updated. You can tag, setup a task to your Virtual Assistant or Customer Service rep to update the card on file. Updating the subscription or payment plan is still a manual process unless you use one of the plugins we mention below.

You can see a Credit Card Update Form in action.

Leave a comment below if this worked for you or if something isn’t quite right…

<p><strong>* * Credit Card Update Only * *</strong></p></div>
<div style="text-align:center;"> Use this form to update your payment information for [PRODUCT NAME] </div>
<style type="text/css">
.smallHeader {display:none;}
.choosePlan {display:none;}
.paymentIcon {display:none;}

<style type="text/css">
#checkoutWithPayPalLink {display:none;}

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeCheckoutButton() {
var str = document.getElementById("CHECKOUT_LINKS").innerHTML;
var res = str.replace("Place Order", "Update Card");
document.getElementById("CHECKOUT_LINKS").innerHTML = res;;
window.onload = changeCheckoutButton;

There are some other mediums to get customer information updated. Customerhub has this functionality built in and can update subscriptions and invoices with new cards.

Our favorite tool is Iclient360. The Imember team has created a free plugin that can be used on a stand alone WordPress install and allows customers to securely update their information,manage their subscriptions, and kick off actionsets/tags inside fo your Infusionsoft account when someone takes action. The plugin is free but the site does need an SSL certificate to function securely.

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