The list.

“The money is in the list”

That’s what “they” say.

But you never hear the truth.

“Deception is in the list” or “Cobwebs are in the list”

Lists can be deceiving. When a marketer looks at their open rates, clicks, and sales numbers they immediately consider their funnel. They think about subject lines, content, or they might think about their brand or their offer.

But most do not consider that perhaps 20-30% of their list isn’t EVER going to click anything. The never imagine that their contacts have become cold.


Luckily, Infusionsoft has great resources and tools to help you keep your list clean and your numbers accurate. We are going to go through the whole process in today’s blog.

Awesome walkthrough by Infusionsoft:

Step 1: Manually Clean your List

Step 2 Setup A Re-engagement Campaign

Step 3: Setup the Automatic List Management

Step 4. Create a list of unengaged contacts that have not been through the clean up campaign

You would feel a lot better if your open and click percentages DOUBLED without changing a thing about your marketing, right?

So, quit procrastinating and get it done, or message us at if you are interested in our premium support.

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